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Anwar Rataul is one of the most consumed type of mango in Pakistan. 


Chaunsa The most wanted in the list of mangoes is Chaunsa.


The Dosehri mango is originated from the regions of Multan Punjab.

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Mangos are being cultivated all over the world in surplus amounts to meet the ever increasing demands of the people for this fruit. According to a survey done by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations in 2012, an estimated 42 million metric tons of mango production was recorded.

Mueed Ahamd

Director, Mango Multani

Pakistan cultivates mangos in high amounts. As per the survey of UN done in 2012, Pakistan produced almost 2 million metric tons worth of mangos. As we are going forward, the need for mango is also increasing. The city of Multan is renowned for its production of mangoes. The quality being produced in this part of Pakistan is second to none.

Mahar Sakhawat Ali

Director, Mango Multani