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History of Dosehri

It is the product of Punjab originated in various cities of it, after punjab its tried in cities of Sindh, and its name went Sindhri. This Mango type shape is ovalish long. Size big, length 15 cm, breadth 8 cm. The thickness of 7.4 cm. Weight 14.0 oz. Base obliquely rounded, cavity absent, Ventral 14 shoulder rising and round, bottom ending in a curve. Skin color lemon yellow when mature. Surface smooth. Pulp color Yellowish cadmium. Texture fine and firm fibreless. Stone medium size. Flavor pleasantly aromatic, taste sweet. Heavy yielded, early summer season.


Nutrients In Dosehri

Nutrients                             Ripe mango                       Unripe mango

Proteins (g)                                0.3                                           0.4
Fats (g)                                        0.1                                           0.1
Minerals (g)                               0.4                                           0.4
Fiber (g)                                      0.5                                              1
Vitamin E (g)                           19.55                                       14.02
Energy (kcal)                              74                                              44